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For clients who face on-going unpaid invoices, we suggest you fill out this form to request a quote. We will lower our rates for clients who consistently place accounts with our office. Our goal is to collect your accounts while providing excellent customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our fees vary, but are lower than the industry standard. Call or email us today to get a quote.

Yes. Some of our clients have an in-house team that attempts to recover these debts prior to placing in our office.

At SDRG, we focus on debt collections, from the first call to the legal judgment collection and everything in between. We also will help you set up an efficient and easy to follow in-house process to determine the best time to forward accounts to our office for collections.

We’ve been collecting debts for a long time. We specialize in judgment collections, which is a step above other agencies “soft collections’’ method. We look for assets right away, to understand the debtor’s real ability to pay. This helps tremendously by bypassing the “I can’t pay” mantra.

We pride ourselves on this feature. Our account representatives are trained thoroughly on the approach, talk-off, tactics and conclusion of the call. We can tailor a call specific for any of your customers. We don’t want to alienate these customers. We’re calling to collect your outstanding debts in a professional, firm and polite manner.

Yes. First we’ll attempt to locate an asset. Once we obtain an asset, we’ll use what we call our “legal talk-off” which is a firmer talk-off.

Yes! You can contact your account representative. You can dial their desk directly and/or email them as well. These account representatives will be collecting your files too; so you can get all of your answers from one person.

Typically, we see funds coming in within 90 days of the accounts being placed, if not sooner. The longer you wait to place, typically the longer it’ll take to collect the debt. Once the funds are received from the debtor, we’ll end you a remittance once the check clears. Any funds received will be paid out on a monthly basis.

This is one of our most popular questions. It is one of the most critical factors to collecting the debt. The longer you wait to place, the harder it is to collect the debt. Debtors can become indebted to other companies, file bankruptcy, move their location to another state, close their business, etc, therefore devaluing the account. For the best results, we recommend placing 5-15 days past the “net term” date.

Absolutely. Something that will help us in determining the rate is the age of the claim, the average balance of the claim and the quantity.

Yes. This will depend on your billing terms, but our process is simple, effective and efficient.

Please check out our process page.