If we don’t collect, you don’t pay!

If we don’t collect, you don’t pay!

About Us

Schiff Debt Recovery Group is a commercial debt collection agency. We understand the steps to take to obtain the money quick. Companywide, Schiff Debt Recovery Group has over 25 year’s experience in the debt collection industry. SDRG knows what it takes to get you your money as fast as possible. At SDRG we don’t waste time. If there is money to be collected, we will collect it!

Our mission is to get your outstanding debt recovered in a quick, firm and professional manner. Our company has a direct network to thousands of attorneys nationwide and international. With nearly a decade’s worth of experience in debt collecting, Schiff knows the frustration Columbus business owners face when they do not receive payments from customers.

At SDRG, we tailor our services to meet the needs of each of our clients. We use different approaches depending on the client. While we understand that companies go through tough times, our ultimate goal is to uncover the unknown and collect outstanding debt.

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Getting your money back is our top priority

Debt Collection Company Columbus

We have over 25 years experience in this field. We know what it takes to get you your money. We will do a full skip trace on the file and call the business the same day the file is placed. We won’t waste time. If there is money to be collected, we’ll get it!

Our company has a direct network to thousands of attorneys nationwide and international.

Benefits of Choosing Schiff Debt Recovery

      • Talk to your representative on the phone – get real answers to your questions!!

      • Expect results (accounts don’t sit stagnant in your account reps desk)

      • Real, experienced account representatives collecting your debts (no scripts allowed)

      • Call us! We always answer our phones- you can even talk with our president.

      • We’ll have real results within 60-90 days (Paid In Full, Payment Arrangements Made, Lawsuit Recommendation, and/or other viable solutions)

      • We provide excellent client communication and updates. Test us.

      • No cost collections available if your credit application allows it.

Some Industries We Have Helped:

Waste Industry

Collecting trash is what you do. Collecting debt is what we do. Trash pickup is a voluminous business. Chances are, you have debtors and a lot of them. Don't let your unpaid invoices become uncollectable.

Supply Industry

Your job is to get products and get them to your customer. When your customer doesn't pay, it affects your cash flow. We're experienced in this industry and have been successful. We're ready for your claims.

Manufacturing Industry

In this line of business, you're creating products. You either have few clients or many. Nonetheless, when these customers don't pay on time, let us know. We'll get their money.

Service Industry

You're hired to do a job and you do it well. We understand the struggles and time constraints you are faced with when you're not paid for your services. We can take the weight off your shoulders.

Logistics Industry

You're managing the flow of goods and services. Don't let unpaid invoices get in the way of your cash flow. Let SDRG recover those funds and deliver them back to your bottom line.

Schiff Debt Recovery

Getting your money back is our top priority

If we don’t collect, you don’t pay

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[tss_item text=”‘Our company has used several collection agencies in the past but none have had the same level of follow through as Schiff Debt Recovery. Their staff is persistent but courteous when calling our accounts who have fallen behind on their bills. I would recommend them to anyone who wants their accounts handled in a professional and timely manner. I really appreciated having regular up-to-the-minute updates regarding the status of the claim. Since using Schiff Debt Recovery our bad debt recovery percentages have gone up significantly. Thanks to Jared and his team for all their help!'” name=”DAVID JARVIS | Sales at Jendco Safety Supply, Inc.” /]

[tss_item text=”‘Jared helped me settle a debt that was owed to me for a job my company performed. Jared was very efficient and professional in recovering those funds. I would highly recommend Jared and his team for debt recovery and any legal disputes that occur.'” name=”BILL DRASS | Owner of Lawn Enforcement” /]

[tss_item text=”‘We couldn’t be more pleased with the results of Schiff Debt Recovery Group for collecting an old debt with one of our previous clients. It was as simple as getting the information and documents together to support the debt, and they did the rest. We got a check from them within no time. I would highly recommend their services to anyone that needs to collect an outstanding debt. Even an old debt that you thought you’d never collect. Thanks Schiff Debt Recovery Group for your great service!'” name=”JEFF YUHAS | Fonetronics” /]

[tss_item text=”‘We found Schiff Debt Recovery to be extremely comfortable to work with from the first time that we talked to them. Throughout our relationship they have professional, responsive and communicative. Whenever we had accounts to send to them they were accommodating and always keep us in the loop regarding the progress of settling our debts. We appreciate the regular monthly update on the status of our accounts. We would recommend to anyone.'” name=” BRYAN MOORE COO | Metrolinked” /]